Maui Sunsets

Makena Sunset Maui

Aloha from the beautiful island of Maui, the land of soft, sandy beaches, tropical jungles and spectacular sunsets. The south shore is one of the best places to witness the Sun put on it’s daily performance as the long stretch that is Kihei and Wailea faces West. From this vantage point you can see the red dirt ridges of Kahoolawe, the rounded peak of Lanai, and the small, crescent of Molokini in your view while you watch the Sun dip into the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you’re sitting on your hotel room lanai, enjoying a happy hour cocktail at one of many ocean view restaurants, or sitting with your toes in the sand with a loved one, the setting Sun is sure to put on a show. On a clear day, you can watch the fiery ball descend as you keep your eyes open so as not to miss the possibility of the green flash, a rare phenomenon that happens instantaneously as the last of the Sun disappears into the ocean.

Some of the best sunsets occur when the sky is full of clouds. The lower hanging clouds will light up first, turning pink and orange against the bright blue sky. Higher clouds may create a beautiful contrast of blue-grey and lavender before the Suns rays hit them and turn them red, pink and orange. Our favorite Sunsets involve high layers of clouds that prolong the experience, with an ever-changing painted sky that can last up to an hour after the Sun bids us adieu. You may even have the silhouette of a sailboat or a breeching whale to add magic to the scene.

Spectacular sunsets on Maui are a beauty to behold. It’s a treat that happens daily to add more smiles to your wonderful experiences on this island paradise.